Latest Poll: Majority of British Public wants to leave EU

As per the latest poll for the Independent newspaper, first time more British people wants to leave EU than those who wants to stay in.
Perhaps it will increase uneasiness for David Cameron who at the moment favour to stay within EU.

UK parliament
UK parliament

This poll results will certainly raise the uneasiness among the business community in the UK as the invest er would prefer to delay their decision untill referendum.

The recent ORB survey of 2,000 people showed 52 percent of British voters wanted to leave while in similar polls in July and September, a majority had opted to stay in the EU.

Recently British Prime Minister David Cameron launched his initiative to reform the 28-member EU bloc ahead of a referendum on whether Britain
should remain an EU member.

A British exit from EU would shake the bloc to its core. British support for staying in the European Union fell this year because of the uncontrolled influx of illegal refugees into Europe and Dr Angela Merkel  & Juncker adamant approach of allowing all the refugees without checking their background which raised security concerns.

UKIP Nigel Farage have repeatedly sought to explain dangers of the influx of Middle Eastern refugees to Europe.

Interestingly around 54 per cent of people who voted Conservative in the recent election want to leave the EU in comparison to 93 per cent of Ukip voters however majority of Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters want to remain.

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