Foreign students admission dips more than 70% in India

As per the data from the Union ministry of home affairs India, the number of students from the top 7 countries — the US, Germany, France, South Korea, Australia, China and Singapore — fell 73%, from 13,961 in 2013 to 3,737 in 2014.

Foreign students admission dips in India
Foreign students admission dips in India

Interesting fact is that the decline is seen in the number of students not only from developed nations but also from developing and under developing nations such as  those from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and African nations.

Students from USA dropped from 5423 in 2013 to 1083 in 2014, from France dropped from 1735 to 352, from Germany dropped from 5423 to 1083.

The IISc, the only Indian institute to be ranked within the top 100 global institutions, had just 25 full-time foreign students in 2014.

Well the reason for decline are obvious but interestingly experts in India are clueless stating no one reason can be given for the sudden dip.

Unless women security & infrastructure is improved in India, women candidate will prefer to more to destination which are safer.

In addition Indian university need to  be more research & practical oriented.



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