Latest: Hostages situation in French town Roubaix

In a latest violence incident in the French town of Roubaix several people were wounded and hostages taken in a
shootout between police and two robbers near Belgian border.

Roubaix French Town hostage situation
Roubaix French Town hostage situation

It is strange that leftist political class still have their eyes and ears closed and don’t know how many more times similar incident going to happen before European leaders including Angela Merkel and Juncker wake up and stop letting the enemy in the Europe.

As per some reports bank manager and his family were being held hostage in Roubaix, but French police said the trio were now ‘safe’.

According to the Police sources the incident may not be linked to the terror attacks in Paris and is instead the result of a botched robbery.

It is unclear at this stage how serious are injuries are but officials have confirmed the hostage situation is now over.

The town’s mayor’s office said the suspect or suspects ‘carried out a robbery’ after which they took hostages. A special police unit was dispatched, the office said.

Roubaix is where the suspected bomb-maker behind the Paris atrocities is originally from.

It is interesting to note that French Police stating that the hostage takers were robbers but questions is since when average robbers started using Kalashnikovs?

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