Beata Szydlo a Prime Minister who listens to her electorate

When most EU countries seems to be ruled by unelected Mr Juncker & Germany Chancellor DR Merkel who choose to ignore their citizens opinion, Beata Szydlo is one PM from Poland who has displayed that not only she listen but also care about her electorate while now bowing to EU unreasonable demands.

Beata Szydlo Polish prime minister
Beata Szydlo Polish prime minister

Poland’s new Prime Minister stated that Poland will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees as part of an EU quota which was forced by Dr Merkel in the view of Paris terror attacks.

She added that her government was not prepared to accept the quota system which is also the wish of many polish citizens.

During Paris attack refugee passport was found where massacre took place however still Dr Merkel and Mr Juncker maintain that the refugees should not be linked with terrorist attack.

New polish government appears to have reversed the Polish position. Mrs Szydlo said: ‘After Paris, the situation has changed.

‘We will be proposing to sit down at a table and think over, whether the solutions which have been proposed are good.

In addition to Poland, Hungry also refused to take illegal refugees.


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