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Vipassana International Acadamy -- Dhamma Giri
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 by Subodh Gupta
Vipassana Igatpuri Reviews

Vipassana Igatpuri is kind of place where one must visit atleast once in a life time. Although center surrounding area is not really clean but centers inside is decently clean.
New students are generally given shared accommodation ,however, serious old students are given individual room accommodation.
I reached Igatpuri station early morning and waited at station for 1 hour and than with bit of hesitation walked towards the center as generally registration process start around 12 till 5pm and to my surprise there were 2 dhamma servers were already there even at 6 am in the morning providing assistance to students to rest and relax. Please note this early morning facility may not be available in all vipassana centers because of limited resources as all centers runs on charities.

Laundry service is also available at Igatpuri centre at a very reasonable price so students can focus on meditation instead of cleaning cloths.

Male and female areas are completely segregated from the beginning.

Overall very good experience and one must visit 🙂

Igatpuri Vipassana Centre Image
Igatpuri Vipassana Centre Image

Once you reach inside Igatpuri vipassana center you actually feel you have entered into a paradise. It is surrounded by beautiful lush green mountain from all sides and there are some points where you can see small waterfalls as well.

It is perhaps the biggest vipassana center in India and possibly in the world with numerous course are running simultaneously.

Courses are run on charity. I did one course in 2013 and found that in that month Igatpuri center was deficit around Rs 5 lakh for that month. Expenses for that month was around 34 lack and donation received was around 29 lakh.

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Vipassana Igatpuri Fees: Please note all the vipassana centers across the world are run because of the charities of the trustees of that center and donation from the old students.

Once you complete atleast one 10 day vipassana course you are considered a old student. Generally donations are not accepted from any new student unless you complete one 10 day course.

After completing your 10 day course, you can pay donation as per your financial situation whether 1$ or 1 Million dollar as you feel the gratitude.

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However one should note that if you give more donation say $1 million dollar, you will not received any recognition and similarly if you pay 1$ or don’t pay anything you will not be frowned upon. 🙂

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Vipassana food menu Igatpuri:

In all vipassana centers food which is served is vegetarian. You get breakfast in the morning at 7am, than lunch at 11am and later for new students tea or one fruit at 4pm.

If you have any special diet requirement perhaps you may inform the respective centre in advance but you also need to take vipassana teacher permission and if it is genuine need than nothing to worry about.

Lunch which is served at 11am is very nutritious & contain food from almost all food groups.

How can I reach Vipassana igatpuri?

From the Igatpuri train station it is hardly 10 minutes walking distance and perhaps few minutes via auto.

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