Film festival with a mission to promote global peace

The Green Park Documentary Film
The Green Park Documentary Film

In the present era which is often dominated by violence films, the Monaco International Film Festival founders Rosana Golden & Dean Bentley established a festival and has distinguished it as the only international film festival that celebrates non-violent film and screenplay.

Monaco international film festival highlights

The film industry is the greatest venue to foster peace in the global community while nurturing our body, minds, and spirits with uplifting imagery.

The 15th edition of the Angel Film Awards – Monaco International Film Festival which is to be held from 4th till 7th December 2017 in Monaco is the only film festival in the world to promote global peace, cultural harmony, and entertainment unity, with the help of films by far the most powerful medium to communicate message on earth with Martha Hart as goodwill ambassador.

2017 Angel Film Awards
2017 Angel Film Awards

The festival is also known as an international springboard for many up and coming talent in film, music and the arts from across the globe.

The Angel Film Awards team works passionately to help worthy productions gain the publicity and recognition they deserve in addition to encourage new, young and mature filmmaking talent from whose work to be show-cased and premiered at the festival.

Speaking on this occasion, Rosana Golden festival director said, “we have accepted the feature documentary THE GREEN PARK into the official selection to be screened at the Angel Film Awards at the Monaco International Film Festival and this year’s jury President is the British writer, actor, producer Guy Siner“.

She added, “after having viewed the movie The Green Park and the story behind..we thought it is an amazing journey into the past with an even greater message for future generations. It shows harmony and integration in line with spiritual values and friends & family traditions of Jewish life a great role model very needed and fitted also for today’s world”. Interview with film “Green Park” director Justin Hardy.

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