How to Make a Woman Happy -Web series “What Women Want”

How to make a woman girlfriend happy by@jnewsnetwork
How to make a woman girlfriend happy by@jnewsnetwork

How to make a Woman or Girlfriend Happy -funny web series what women want?
Whether you are a married man or you’re dating, if you are in a relationship, it’s worth putting some thought into what could make life smoother for your wife or a girlfriend which will eventually make your life happier.

However, when it comes to a woman most men struggle to understand female psychology as most women prefer to give hints only.

Men often try to make her women or girlfriend happy by giving her compliments or buying her expensive gifts, planning a trip together, fulfilling all her wishes and making an adjustment in their schedule all the time to please her but do that works with women?

It would be incredible if only both men and women knew how to make each other happier.

So in an attempt to solve the mystery of female psychology, Journalism News Network has made their next fun episode “How to make a woman or girlfriend happy ” in their ongoing funny web series “What Women Want“. Interviews were conducted across London and Paris to see what goes on women’s mind and explore what makes them happy but in a funny and entertaining way.

In the previous fun episode of “What Women Want” web series, it was explored that “what do western women think about Indian men” or do they like Indian men or do they have other ideas? Do Indian men come out to be uncomfortable in simple conversation because of asking too many personal questions? Do Western women want to date Indian men? or Do Indian men are perceived as family men who are good at cooking? Interesting responses came up.

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