What is artificial intelligence in simple words with examples

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, in simple words, is a way to make computers and machines/robots smart, so they can do things that normally require human intelligence. AI helps computers or robots learn, understand, and solve problems independently. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tasks include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding natural language, and perceiving the environment. Artificial intelligence with … Read more

Is Rendall & Rittner harassing Mallard House residents

Rendall and Rittner UK’s residential property management company appears to be harassing Mallard House residents in SW6 London for years with unethical and unprofessional approach such as not responding to the residents’ queries & concerns, inflated bills and overcharging. Summary: (1) R&R didn’t bother to resolve the DISPUTED Service Charge issue since last 5 years … Read more

Go Air India Owes Creditors 65 Billion Rupees

May 3rd 2023: Indian business environment is very competitive. Although India provided a large consumer base, however, due to high operational costs and a competitive environment, it is not easy to operate in the Indian market. Since 2004 worlds suppose to be the best consultants wrote reports on the Indian aviation market stating it will … Read more

AI to Leverage Training CloudShare Event Highlights

AI (Artificial Intelligence) to leverage training event organised by CloudShare was held on Tuesday 3rd May 6-8 pm, at the Revolution London – Leadenhall in London. The followings are the highlights of the CloudShare event: Daniel Hulme from Satalia shared informative insights into the world of AI & Microsoft representative shared how Cloudshare product helped … Read more

Generative AI : Charging Creativity Codex Event Highlights

Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence): Turbo-charging creativity event organised by Codex was held on Thursday 27th April 5-30pm, at the Swiss Embassy in London. Following are the highlights of the Codex event: According to Emad Mostaque of Stability ai: AI can pass almost any exam except the literature so there is scope for creativity. Stability ai … Read more

Famous Mergers & Acquisitions in India 2023

In recent years, India has experienced a surge in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, which has been propelled by various factors such as globalization, shifting market dynamics, and intensifying competition. Staying informed about the latest M&A developments can furnish valuable insights into industry trends and prospects, allowing businesses to remain competitive. This compilation is a … Read more

Indians to pay 20 percent TCS on Foreign Travel 1st July 2023

From July 1, 2023, the Indian government will increase the tax collection at source (TCS) rate for foreign travel for Indians to 20% (except for education and medical purposes) when buying via tour operators. This means that Indians have to pay 20 per cent more when buying foreign tour packages from tour operators and even … Read more