WHO should consider Indian Ayurveda for Coronavirus Cure

Coronavirus Cure can be possible by Indian Ayurveda Subodh Gupta
Coronavirus Cure can be possible by Indian Ayurveda Subodh Gupta

WHO, World Health Organization should consider Indian Ayurveda 5000 years old natural healing science for Coronavirus Cure instead of waiting and pushing for a cure by vaccines which is uncertain.

As of now, there is no remedy for COVID19 except testing and one-week isolation & during isolation many patients who don’t recover goes for ventilators, and unfortunately, most on ventilators passed away as fatality rate after reaching the ventilators stage is very high.

So the point is while following WHO advice of 1-week isolation, maintaining social distance and regularly washing hands, why not boost your immune system with the help of Indian Ayurveda to fight back against COVID19 and why WHO seems to ignore Indian nature cure solution which is also almost free.

Out of many reasons, I am covering here 3 main points why WHO should focus on traditional Indian nature cure remedies to fight against COVID 19 coronavirus without further waiting. 

(1) As millions of people already lost their jobs and stock markets have crashed across the world because of following the scientific advice but the scientific community is still not sure if there will ever be a 100 percent foolproof solution for coronavirus cure by the vaccine in the future.

For example, White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress that even once a vaccine to fight the coronavirus is developed, “There’s no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective.” so why exactly WHO waiting for vaccines.

(2)Now Dr. Fauci’s doubt over vaccines’ effectiveness to fight COVID 19 is not the only reason that WHO should look for Indian Ayurveda.

The bigger reason is that the WHO and other scientific bodies don’t look sure of themselves and their advice to protect against coronavirus seems confusing even on simpler guidelines such as safe distance. WHO, CDC, and the UK government seem to be giving different advice on the safe distance.

For example, now WHO recommends safe distance one must maintain is 1-meter between oneself and others but last month it suggested 1.5 meters. The USA, CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation suggested 1.8 meters but the UK government advises 2 meters. So the further question is raised if they have factual evidence of safe distance then why their advice is different?

(3)  Ayurveda is the system of medicine that evolved in India over the last 5000 years with a scientific foundation. The fundamentals on which the Ayurvedic system is based are essentially true for all times and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the fatality and infection rate in India in the case of coronavirus is so low despite such a high population density and poor hygiene. 

The main benefit of nature cure with Ayurveda science is that they hardly have any side effects and also available for almost free and in addition if your immune system is stronger you wouldn’t fall sick in the first place.   

I have also presented last month two case studies of successful recovery with the help of natural remedies where the first patient had all the MILD+ CRITICAL symptoms of Coronavirus & the second had mild symptoms of Coronavirus