Trump is right US Coronavirus Death Count may be highly inflated

Donald Trump COVID 19 Testing
Donald Trump COVID 19 Testing

President Donald Trump could be quite right as the US Coronavirus death count may be highly inflated.  See if If a person doesn’t have any pre-existing health condition and he or she contacted COVID 19 and he or she died as a result of that then it makes perfect sense to say that he or she died because of coronavirus. 

However, if a person has a preexisting health condition such as diabetes, heart blockages, flu, and also got symptoms of coronavirus and the person dies, how the death of that person should be recorded?

Will it be appropriate to say that the person had a heart attack because of coronavirus? At least I don’t think so. If a person died of heart attack it means the person died of a heart attack and not heart attack because of coronavirus. 

Similarly, if a person never tested for coronavirus and died, will it be appropriate to count that death as COVID 19 death count.

I can see that President Trump can be quite right when he accused New York Mayor Bill de Blasio of adding new deaths to the tally ‘just in case’ the victims had the virus.

One of the reasons that the US reported high number of coronavirus infections is that because the maximum number of COVID 19 testing has been done in the US. As of now around 10 million testings in the US done which is more than 3 times any other country has done so far.

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Let me know in the comments what do you think if COVID 19 death toll may be inflated. 

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