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 by Subodh Gupta
Unprofessional and Misleading

I sent 10 emails over 11 days to Travel agent "Ticketstoindia" but still I couldn’t get a simple piece of information about details of REFUND/ BASE FARE/Taxes instead I was explained the legal aspect should ticketstoindia name was published in public domain.

Summary: Beware if you buy your air tickets from travel agent Tickets to or because they don’t explain clearly the most critical information at the point of selling about changes related to air tickets till you fall in the trap which can lead to loss of all your air ticket money.

For example:

(1) never stated clearly, If you miss your departure flight for any reason, you would not be allowed to board the return flight with Air India??? which means you would lose your whole ticket money!

(2) never stated clearly that if you need to change 1st departure journey, the change can cost almost the price of whole return ticket around $400???” Isn’t not explaining important terms clearly at the point of sales is a case of deception and unethical practice???

Point to Note: TicketstoIndia didn’t mention such important clause where a customer can lose all his tickets base fare or be penalize around $400 neither in FARE RULES and nor in the IMPORTANT NOTES section, is this ethical and fair practice? and why should the customer pay for their shady practices?  Should travel agent be allowed to change terms after selling?

This is what happened when the Ticket Holder No: 098 5117349963 – H8T2F booked his return ticket with on the 31st Dec 2017 from London to Delhi and needed to prepone his tickets because of sudden ill health of his mother.

Even though the passenger after reaching India informed and confirmed both on social media and also via email to Air India customer support in advance that he can’t use his scheduled 7th Jan London to Delhi flight since he has already flown on the 3rd Jan and he will use his return ticket as scheduled however Air India still cancel his return ticket stating out of sequence travel in not permitted.

This means if you miss your departure flight for any reason you would lose money for your return flight as well even though you have paid for it.

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This is such an important term but never explained by the travel agent Tickets to India at the point of selling and nor mentioned in FARE RULES and IMPORTANT NOTES section.

More bad experience related to TicketstoIndia at Tripadvisor India

When Tickets to India agent was contacted about this issue they went silent for 36 hours changing their policy and later get back stating this is standard procedure and stating it was mentioned somewhere in the details??? Should travel agent do that?

What was even worse customer service manager Nick said that they would look into the issue in due course and even threaten with the statement that is their name was published in public domain they wouldn’t hesitate to consider legal aspect???

Can you imagine your ticket agent who doesn’t explain clearly the most critical information for passenger and later even threaten you with legal aspect???

Issued in public interest for creating awareness about the unethical and unprofessional service by travel agent

The above dishonest and non-transparent practice of travel agent Ticketstoindia has also been informed to Air India CMD Pradeep Singh Kharola

Report submitted by Subodh Gupta. To be updated soon…

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