Tech firms killing UK IT workforce by relax visa rules

UK has become the extremely competitive job market in the recent years, where for the each IT related job often more than 50 applicants are applying. For example, the following screenshot reflects that for a position.NET,BDD/Ecommerce role more than 76 applicants applied.

C#Developer vacancy has 70+ applicant in the UK
C#Developer vacancy has 70+ applicant in the UK


Similarly, another example for the role of Senior Online Product Manager more than 71 applicants applied

Online product manager vacancy
Online product manager vacancy

Above screenshots reflect big competition in the Uk job market.

Now despite so much competition in the UK, interestingly Tech firms are lobbying and asking the UK govt ministers that visa rules should be further relaxed so they can bring more migrants from outside the EU. Not only that Tech firms along with TeckUK giving lame excuses such as shortage of talent and skill gap as the reason.

The manifesto, issued jointly by Tech London Advocates, techUK and Centre for London, called for the next mayor to lobby government to keep
visas for skilled workers and  ….reinstatement of the Post-Study Work Visa for occupations where there are clear skills shortages.

Tech firms are shamelessly demanding visa relaxation to bring more migrants on the top of the fact that already under ICT tier 2 visa rule, unlimited number of foreign tech workers from outside EU are allowed and shockingly Tech London advocates and Tech UK are lobbying for them. (ICT tier 2 visa issued are not counted under total migration numbers).

If above is not enough, under income tax tier 2 visa rule tech workers are exempted from NI and so do the companies which bring them into the UK and around 70% of their salary are counted as allowances.

It is so strange that Tech firm can’t find enough talent from 500 million EU population. In reality Tech firm just wants cheap labour while undercutting UK workers at the same time putting enormous pressure on the UK health and other services.

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