Germany, Dr Angela Merkel and death of freedom of speech

Dr. Angela Merkel unilateral decision to allow millions of refugees without any security check has already led to a mass sexual attack in Cologne Germany on the New Year Eve and what was even worse was that police even try to suppress the matter for many days.

Where is the democracy & freedom of speech in Germany when the Chancellor herself asking Facebook to censor news against her policy?

Updated: (Above video by Professor exposing situation in Germany blocked) In the western nations, freedom of speech is the fundamental right of every citizen, however, with the recent actions of Dr. Merkel suggests that to achieve her personal ambition of filling the whole of Europe with refugees, she won’t mind killing the freedom of speech.

A few months ago Dr. Merkel was overheard over the microphone asking the Facebook chief to censor all news against her which is like curbing citizens’ voices.

Now recently a Professor who has interrupted Dr. Merkel’s speech during the opening ceremony of a new Fraunhofer Institute for Microsystems facing removal from his teaching position.

Professor said, “he is scared about the future of his 2, 4 and 9-year-old children and that Merkel is conducting an experiment whose outcome nobody can predict.  He urged her to be responsible and reasonable as she is a physicist herself.”

What is wrong with the professor’s statements in the wake of thousands of sexual assaults all over Germany? Instead, Merkel arrogantly shrugged him off and said she is already doing the best she can for the future of Germany.

Ordinary EU citizens are scared and concerned with Dr. Merkel’s approach over her mismanaging refugee policy. Discontent is rising all over Europe. In the UK Cross party EU-exit campaign “Grassroots Out” is launched  out of frustration with EU policy as Manuel Valls has also warned that EU is at risk.

What is Dr. Merkel doing for the future of Germany?

Well asking Facebook CEOs to censor news against her. Asking the police to hide crime statistics against German women. Sacking anybody who speaks against her. How pathetic is that?