Singapore Airport Layover 4h, 9h, 24 hour what to do

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 by Subodh Gupta
Singapore Airport Review

The best airport in the world, indeed!!! Must visit atleast once in a lifetime.

Singapore Airport Image 1
Singapore Airport Image 1

Singapore Airport Layover 4h to 6 hrs what to see or do?

If you have anywhere between 4 to 6 hrs to spend at Singapore airport than perhaps you are very lucky as this would be the most amazing time you would ever have.

Singapore airport has been voted as the best airport in the world for many years and you can easily spend 3 to 5 hours at the airport.

The biggest attraction at the Singapore airport is the place called “Jewel”. it looks more like a rain forest and it is inside shopping mall and it also has 5 story tall vortex water fall in the middle and trees all around.

Jewel Singapore Airport Image 2 @JNN
Jewel Singapore Airport Image 2 @JNN

Jewel is situated at terminal 1,however, point to note here is that all the terminals at Singapore airport are interconnected via small train and you can even walk if you want.

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Singapore Airport Layover 8h to 9 hrs what to see or do?

If you have around 8 to 9 hours and keen to visit city, it is very much possible and very easy too.

The best place to visit in the city is the central area or Marina Bay area which is surrounded by iconic 3 building whose top appears to be like a ship and open theater and shopping mall on other side with live music often.

Singapore Central Area @JNN Images
Singapore Central Area @JNN Images

Connectivity in Singapore is at best in the sense that the whole city is very conveniently connected by underground where you can easily reach. Even the center area in Singapore you can easily reach with in 30 to 40 minutes.

You can also walk along canal area connected to central bay area which has food restaurants on either side and if you are visiting in day time you can have happy hours discounts too 🙂

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Singapore Airport Layover 24 hours what to see or do?

If you have around 24 hours than I would suggest one must visit in the night, garden area with the lights show.

I can only say that night light show along with the Santosa Island in the day time are the most amazing sights although surprises in the Singapore never ends.

Santosa Island Images @JNN
Santosa Island Images @JNN

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Singapore Video coming soon!!!