Shoppers use Social Media instead of sales executives

Shoppers use Social Media instead of sales executives


As per the latest shopping trends. People take less advice from a sales professional instead more from Facebook, Twitter, and online reviews.

According to a report from consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail, “How America Shops: From Buzz to Buy,” around 69% of online shoppers read reviews and 58% said they impact their decision.

According to the report around 45% used a social networking site for shopping activities.  This is one of the reason that more and more companies are trying to reach and engage their consumers through social media.

The objective of social media strategy is to complement existing sales strategy to increase sales and connect with customers.

According to another study almost Six in ten consumers follow at least one brand via a social network like Facebook or Twitter and Forty percent did so in order to search for coupons or promotions while 30% cited the desire to browse for additional information.

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