Refugee fight again in Germany because of “Religious Differences’

Niederau Dresdon Germany Refugee Riots
Niederau Dresdon Germany Refugee Riots

Since Angela Merkel has opened Germany border for all refugees without consulting any of her Europeon partners,  problems for ordinary German citizens has only been increased and police force and civic authorities in Germany are under tremendous pressure.

The latest incident in this series is the fight between Asylum seekers because of their religious differences.

German police were forced to step in because the fight between 100 refugees broke out near Dresden. According to the authorities, three people were injured.

Dresden police said that around 100 people were involved in the fight in the asylum center in Niederau, an area near Dresden. German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt and Poland Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has spoken against the migrant’s policy of Dr Merkel.

Dr Merkel allowed people in Germany without their background check up and as a consequence, all kinds of persons are moving to Germany for generous benefits system.