Merkel tweets generated 34000 impressions at jnewsnetwork

Often people disregard the power of twitter however for the journalist it is a very handy tool to break news. It played very important role during various revolutions/uprising in the recent years.

Social media tools have shifted the power from few politicians & state controlled media organizations to the ordinary citizens especially in Germany where Chancellor Angela Merkel is controlling state media although German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt has openly criticized Angela Merkel.

At Journalism News Network (Jnewsnetwork a Citizen journalism initiative) Merkel & Juncker related tweets regarding illegal immigration to Germany without any background check generated 34000 impressions in the last 28 days. Below is the screenshot.

Merkel tweets taffic coverage for jnewsnetwork for 28 days period
Merkel tweets traffic generation for jnewsnetwork for 28 days period



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