Philanthropist Joan Foo Mahony sponsored 20 student at Arts for India charity

Arts for India a UK-registered charity is attempting to raise awareness about Indian arts in the West. It is also providing a platform for underprivileged Indian artists with a scholarship at the International Institute of Fine Arts in India.

Even though India is termed as the global power in the coming years still around 70% populations is living under 1 dollar a day in India and in this scenario underprivileged children have few opportunity left for them.

Joan Foo Mahony a philanthropist who is also the author of a successful book – “Indispensable Qi Gong; For people on the Go !” announced his pledge to sponsor 20 students through Arts for India Charity.

Speaking on this ocassion Joan said “even though I live in Hong Kong but my heart is Indian and I am ready to help people in various ways. The reason I decide to help through Arts for Charity is because I think it will help underprivileged students in India and help them to develop mentally which is most important in all areas of life”.


Arts For India is founded by Shri Satish Modi Ji chairman IIFA (Arts Institute) who is also the Chairman of Modi Global Enterprises. Indian participated in the Arts for India event included Jaishree Kapoor, artist Aisha Cahn, etc.

Arts For India (AFI) was launched in London, in 2010 and it sponsors students at IIFA (International Institute of Fine Arts), based in Modinagar, India.

Arts for India
Arts for India

‘I feel that real philanthropy is to enable the disadvantaged to earn a decent living’ – Satish K Modi

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