Famous Mergers & Acquisitions in India 2023

India Business Culture
India Business Culture

In recent years, India has experienced a surge in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, which has been propelled by various factors such as globalization, shifting market dynamics, and intensifying competition.

Staying informed about the latest M&A developments can furnish valuable insights into industry trends and prospects, allowing businesses to remain competitive.

This compilation is a critical resource for business owners, investors, and industry professionals who wish to keep up with the latest M&A trends in India.

When a company is acquired, it may either continue to operate independently or merge with the purchasing company. Typically, in an acquisition, the buying company has more control over the newly combined entity than the acquired company.

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To sum up, a merger involves combining two or more companies to form a new entity, whereas an acquisition occurs when one company takes over another.

Famous Acquisitions in India 2023
Adani Group acquires a 27.26% stake in NDTV with a deal worth 600 crores.
Canara Bank has sold its stake in the Russian joint venture Commercial Indo Bank LLC (CIBL) to the other
venture partner State Bank of India (SBI) for about ₹121.29 crore

-Platinum Jasmine (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) acquired a stake in Lenskart Solutions Pvt Ltd
-Russian Joint Venture Commercial Bank LLC acquired a 40% stake in Canara Bank for 121 Cr
-Reliance Retail Ventures (RRVL) 100% (Acquisition) in METRO Cash & Carry India
-Axis Bank acquired Citibank’s Consumer Banking for 11603 Crore

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-The government of India acquired 33% of Vodafone for 16133 crore
-Adani Group 27.26% Stake held by NDTV 600 crore
-SBI Mutual Funds 9.99% Equitas Small Finance Bank (SFB)
-Paytm acquired 3.1% of Alibaba for USD 125 million

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What is Merger & Acquisition?
In a merger, generally, two or more companies combine their operations, assets, and liabilities to create a new, larger company to gain a mutual competitive advantage. Generally, an acquisition is a process by which one company buys a controlling stake in another company.

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