Is Domain worth $13 Million

Many say sex sells, and that saying seems to be true at least in the case of domain name of, which was recently sold for cool $13 million.

The domain was put up for auction in July 2010 and was bought by Clover Holdings, a company registered on the Caribbean island of St Vincent, put in the highest bid for the domain. In addition to the domain name, Clover Holdings will also get two related trademark registrations in the deal.

It is anticipated that around 12 different companies were bidding for the control of this domain. The price paid for this domain is one among the highest ever paid for a domain, though in 2006 Escom bought for around $14m.

The domain name has been considered to be the quite valuable as sex is one of the most widely used search terms on the web.

Owning this short and descriptive domain presents glowing prospects for profitability however the questions arises does any domain name still carry so much value in the era of SEO expertise specially when

Google doesn’t give that much value to domain as Yahoo that it could be worth almost $13 million dollar?

In fact while doing a quick search for the keyword sex on, doesn’t feature anywhere in the top 10 rank


Similarly while doing a quick search on, doesn’t feature anywhere in the top 10 rank.


So the question is in the era of SEO expertise when ethical information on how to optimise site is itself available from Google i.e. other domains such as or  are occupying the top search results for the keyword Sex.

When domain is not even ranking in the top 10 search results of the Google, is this domain worth $13 million???