Is Caffe Concerto UK management ethical?

Caffe Concerto management
Caffe Concerto Rude management


If we go by the employees’ reviews of Caffe Concerto UK on Indeed UK, it suggests that the management of Caffe Concerto including both the HR department (Ms Jakia HR officer and Ms Olizia HR head) & CEO Mr Stefano don’t care about the staff and also involved in unethical practices.

As per the review, the head office is rude to the staff and you often get paid late which suggests the incompetency of the HR department and if the CEO doesn’t take action, it suggests that he is also part of the problem.

The review also suggested that the HR of Caffe Concerto deduct money from the wages, can that be called ethical? The above review may not be the only one where they may have deducted money from the wages of the staff.

Caffe Concerto 1 rude management
Caffe Concerto’s rude management


Another review suggested that the management of Caffe Concerto doesn’t care about its staff. This review also suggested that after promising service charges to the staff, they deduct staff Scharge. This ex-staff claimed that after working for 71 hours he was paid £6 only. Again above 2 reviews may not be the only one which suggests that Caffe Concerto may be involved in not giving their staff a fair share in the Service charge or tronc.

The question arises: can an organization survives for a long by treating its employees unfairly by deducting money from their wages or not giving them a service charge after promising them or management going unresponsive for months and not answering their email???

Well, the answer is of course not, sooner or later the organization that mismanages sinks and that’s why a major chunk of even the biggest Fortune 500 companies disappear every 10 years, so what about Caffe Concerto?

Caffe Concerto needs to learn first the basic fundamental of business management. Employees are the first customers of any company and if employees are not happy, customers can’t be happy and hence the low customer feedback for the Caffe Concerto.

Caffè Concerto low customer reviews
Caffè Concerto low customer reviews

Looking at reviews on the internet, it suggests that’s Caffe Concerto suffering from very low customer ratings and its management has closed its eyes.

The CEO and HR still may not understand why their staff turnover is so high and excellent customer service can’t be delivered when you treat your employees unprofessionally despite having like a 5-star amazing infrastructure and the best possible locations in London.