How does AI Artificial Intelligence work?

In real life, the way we learn from our experiences, similarly AI Artificial Intelligence works/learn by using algorithms and data. This process is often called machine learning. More info on artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

How AI works with two real-life examples:

Virtual Assistants like Siri or Google Assistant:

How it works: Imagine talking to Siri or Google Assistant. These virtual assistants use AI to understand your voice and respond. When you ask them a question, like “What’s the weather today?”, they use smart algorithms to figure out the meaning of your words and give you a helpful answer. The more you use them, the better they get at understanding what you need.

Netflix Recommendations:

How it works: Have you ever noticed how Netflix suggests shows or movies you might like?. When you watch things on Netflix, the AI pays attention to what you enjoy. It looks at your favorite genres, what you’ve watched before, and even what others with similar tastes liked. Then, it uses all this information to suggest new things you might find interesting. It’s like having a personal assistant for your movie nights!

In both examples, AI is like a clever friend that learns from what you do. Whether it’s understanding your voice or predicting your favorite shows, these AI systems use patterns from the data they collect to make things more convenient and enjoyable for you.