HEINRICH New Milestone started for New Era of technology in Life safety and Health care Construction Market

Press release note confirmed by Mr. Jitendra Singh (Managing Director) HEINRICH LIMITED

As today’s scenario most of the building’s important part is Life safety and security and HEINRICH is more focused in highest safety standard and High-Quality product as per the solution.

After Accident of London Northwick Park Hospital’s A&E and maternity services departments were closed after a small fire in an electrical room in the basement. Patients were evacuated to avoid smoke.

London Fire Brigade said eight fire engines and 40 firefighters were working to put out the blaze at the hospital’s Watford Road site. After such accident HEINRICH taken a Lead to provide right product as per the market for life safety and Health care system

This page provides basic information about Medicare and/or Medicaid provider compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code (LSC) and NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities Code (HCFC) requirements and includes links to applicable laws, regulations, and compliance information. Please see LSC/HCFC Laws, Regulations.

Heinrich PVT Limited Pic 1
Heinrich PVT Limited Pic 1

New Project milestone completed by HEINRICH LIMITED in London, Germany and part of Italia region.

As many references in Auditorium, Aviation and transportation solution as one of the most preferred solution adopted by the industries and product selection by the team is appreciable by the customer and appreciation to HEINRICH team.

HEINRICH believe in Young and dynamic team to grow into the global market with innovative technology.

Heinrich PVT Limited Pic 2
Heinrich PVT Limited Pic 2

The LSC is a set of fire protection requirements designed to provide a reasonable degree of safety from fire. It covers construction, protection, and operational features designed to provide safety from fire, smoke, and panic. The HCFC is a set requirements intended to provide minimum requirements for the installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, performance and safe practices for facilities, material, equipment and appliances. The LSC and HCFC, which is revised periodically, is a publication of NFPA, which was founded in 1896 to promote the science and improve the methods of fire protection.

The basic life safety from fire requirement for facilities participating in the Medicare and Medicaid programs is compliance with the 2012 edition of the NFPA LSC and HCFC. CMS partners with State Agencies (SA) to assess facilities for compliance with the LSC requirements. SAs may enter into sub-agreements or contracts with the State Fire Marshal offices or other State agencies responsible for enforcing State fire code requirements.

Heinrich Limited set a new milestone for the year 2018

Under these agreements, the designated State fire authority generally agrees to:
• Survey non-accredited hospitals, hospices, ASCs, SNFs, NFs, CAHs, RNHCIs, PACE , ESRD, and ICF/IIDs in accordance with schedules the SA furnishes;
• Survey accredited hospitals selected for validation surveys or surveyed as a result of a substantial allegation of an unsafe conditions;
• Complete the appropriate Fire Safety Survey Report (Form CMS-2786);
• Prepare statements of deficiencies and review Plans of Correction (Form CMS-2567);
• Make recommendations to the SA regarding facilities’ compliance with program fire safety requirements; and
• Use only qualified fire safety inspectors who have received CMS training in the performance of these surveys.
Unreasonable Hardship/Waivers – The LSC and HCFC permit the authority having jurisdiction to determine the adequacy of protection provided for life safety from fire in accordance with the provisions of the LSC. In cases of unreasonable hardship, CMS regulation specifies that a waiver may be granted where it would not adversely affect resident health and safety.
HEINRICH product profile operated with
NH-CU24& NH-CU60
• Nurse Call System with 24 & 60 case slots.
• Highly integrated aluminium alloy shell with hanger holl.
• Master Station and display panel display the numbers of bed (2 groups of 3 digit) and room, When there is no callinghappen, display current time and date.
• Unique Talk function, Break the strain of distance.
• Can work with 152 call buttons at the same time.
• With Medical case slots and indicator lights.
• Smart Troubleshooting. (If a fault or problem occurred, the receiver will warn and auto
• self-checking to lowest the maintenance cost).
• Each Master unit can control up to 50 units door lamps.
• One unit master can connect several units corridor display panel.
• When there are many calling happen at the same time, The master station will display the number of current speak
• call button, If not speak, the master station will keep display every calling number take turn every 3 seconds, also it makes sound
• With two call buttons both on plate & handle much easier for Patient to Call.
• Unique Talk Function, Connect the call button to the Phone, Let Patient Talk Remotely with the nurse directly.
• HD built-in Speakers, high volume & clear voice, Establish a new bridge between nurse & patient.
• With PC & ABS enclosure.

Heinrich PVT Limited Pic 3
Heinrich PVT Limited Pic 3