Dhamma Pallava Poland – The Best Vipassana Meditation Center

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Dhamma Pallava - Vipassana Meditation Center Poland
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 by Subodh Gupta
Dhamma Pallava

The cleanest and perhaps the best meditation center in the world.

Dhamma Pallava- Vipassana Meditation Center in Poland

Dhamma Pallava Vipassana Meditation Center Poland
Dhamma Pallava Vipassana Meditation Center Poland

Although Vipassana meditation center shouldn’t be compared with each other as all the centers all over the world are run on pure charity and generosity of trustees, however, after visiting this center in Poland I couldn’t resist myself stating that perhaps this center is truly the Jewel in the Crown among all the meditation centers in the world.

One of the reason is that all trustees and the founder who live nearby are immensely passionate about running this center and I haven’t seen that kind of passion before anywhere else.

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Seating capacity for meditators

This center as of now has 120 seats, 60 for both males and females. Each meditater is given an individual room and somehow the residential facility looks more like a hotel than a usual meditation center.

Before each course start, the managers and trustees ensure that each room is immaculately clean and all the amenities in each room are checked and clothes well washed before the course start.

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Facility of old meditator with limited movement
Perhaps the only meditation center I have seen where the management has made arrangement one room in each male and female side which is convenient for old meditator who have limited mobility.

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Food during the course
Generally, the food which is served in the meditation center across the world is nutritious, quite simple and less variety. The main reason is that meditator can focus more on meditation because if they eat more perhaps they would feel sleepy. However, in Dhamma Pallava Poland, I found that management is again extremely passionate and sometimes in lunch, I found that they served 9 to 11 dishes in total.

I believe serving 9 to 11 dishes in lunch could be a distraction in addition to too much workload on the dhamma volunteers who are working in the kitchen so perhaps Dhamma Pallava management can look into this aspect.

Course Language:
The Vipassana meditation courses are run in English and Polish and evening discourses are also available in other languages for which you to inform the center in advance.

The surrounding area of Dhamma Pallava meditation center


The surrounding area is full of forest and a small village with 2 small shops which open limited hours.

The nearest place where the bus drop you is still around 8 kilometers.

How to reach Dhamma Pallava meditation center in Poland
This is the challenging part unless you live in Poland and arriving by your own car because in Poland the direction along the road is very well marked and roads are very well maintained. In addition, the Dhamma Pallava center has a large parking space for the cars.

Dhamma Pallava Poland vipassana center car space
Dhamma Pallava Poland vipassana center car space

However, I found that the management of Dhamma Pallava center was extremely helpful.

If coming by bus, you need to inform the center so they can arrange to pick you by car from nearby town Turek and Malanów bus stop. Don’t worry thinking which bus stop you need to get off in Malanów as there is only one bus stop, however, Turek bus you need to ask center.

The challenging part of arriving by train and bus is from Warsaw is that there is a train only in the morning (This is not mentioned on the course center website. They suggest that if coming from Warsaw you need to stay one night before and catch early morning train but the main reason is that the train is only in the morning from Warsaw towards the course center). Another challenge is that the train doesn’t come near to the center and from the nearest town Kalisz, you still need to take the cab which can be bit expensive (around 170 to 200 Zloty) and also where the train drop there is no direct bus to Malanów.

The easy solution I found was to reach the city of Wrocław and that is the only city from there are 3 buses total in one day to Malanów.

Bus Timing from Wroclaw to Malanow
Bus Timing from Wroclaw to Malanow

 and from there you need to take the cab and this you need to arrange with the meditation center and they are quite helpful. The fare from Malanów to a meditation center in a shared cab is 20 Zloty and if taking cab individually it is 60 Zloty.

In fact, when I reach there course manager was there to receive us at the bus stop and sort the cab from the bus stop to center regularly. (Please note: On the course center website there is no mention of the route from Wroclaw to Malanów but that is the best option if convenient to you).

If by chance you miss your last bus from Wroclaw to Malanow as happened with me once. Another alternative option is to take a train from Wroclaw train station which is just opposite to Wroclaw Bus station to Kalisz (the nearest main town to the meditation center which is also connected from Warsaw). Once you reach Kalisz the cab fare from Kalisz train station to Meditation center is around 170 to 200 Zloty depends upon your negotiation and it takes around 40 minutes by Cab from Kalisz to Dhamma Pallava vipassana meditation center.

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While going back, lots of local polish meditators who arrived by their own car are willing to help to drop you to the main city. I find the Polish people extremely helpful and nice during my whole journey.


Dhamma Pallava Vipassana Poland in Winter by @Jnewsnetwork
Dhamma Pallava Poland in Winter by @Jnewsnetwork

Dhamma Pallava address:

Dhamma Pallava, Vipassana Meditation Centre,

Dziadowice 3a, 62-709 Malanów, Poland,
51°59’21.8″N 18°20’04.2″E, 63-233, Poland

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