Bollywood Films performing poorly at the UK box office

Despite increasing Indian diaspora in the UK and growing popularity of Indian films in Europe and the UK, Bollywood films performance at the UK box office is still very poor.

As per the data compiled up to 2015, out of total film release in the UK, Bollywood films account for 16.3 percent of all film releases but their box office share was only 1.5% with £16.4 million total revenue.

Journalism News Network did the short documentary on what foreigners think about Bollywood films in the three cities in Europe.

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Based on several interviews most Europeans seems to like Bollywood films because they are about real life stories which people can associate with them or connect with them in addition to providing complete entertainment from the emotional aspect to music, dance, and action. However, in terms of the UK box office revenue, Bollywood films are far behind.

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In fact, nothing much has changed in terms of Bollywood films revenue share over the last decade. Indian films share at UK Box office in 2001 was only 1.2% which was reduced to 1 % in 2009 and coming back to 1.5% in the year 2014.

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In terms of the width of release also Indian films had the shortest releases with the average span of 3 weeks while the average length of release in the UK was 8 weeks with USA films average release width span was 11 weeks.

In 2014 total number of release at the UK box office was 712 with the box office gross revenue of £1077.8 Million.