Do AT & T CEO Randall Stephenson really care about Customers

Do AT & T CEO Randall L Stephenson really care about and value their customers?

In the corporate world, it is said that satisfied customer is the best marketing strategy but do AT & T CEO Randall L Stephenson believe in that? Does he really care about their customers?

While looking at the customer complaint in social media, it tells the altogether different story. For example:

Kale™ ‏@OhKale wrote on twitter:

Go Bucs ‏@gobucs711 said:

Similarly, other customers said as below:

Above examples are not the only complaints.


AT &T U-verse server is hosting websites such as which is infringing on copyrights owned by and .

Despite several requests to both and also AT &T abuse depart no action has been taken and email to AT & T CEO to Randall Stephenson met with silence.

But can any business survive in today’s world by ignoring their customers?