All About Blockchain, Crypto, NFT & Metaverse

What Is Blockchain? Blockchain is a system for recording & storing information and transactions in a database that is distributed across a network of computer systems. The blockchain database is referred to as a “ledger”, and for this reason, blockchain is also referred to as “distributed ledger technology.” Blockchain ledgers can be made either public … Read more

British MP Douglas Carswell Interview on EU

British MP (ex-MP now) shared his thoughts on the EU and Democracy Do you think the EU system as a whole is generally democratic in itself No it’s not. The EU is emphatically about suppressing democracy & this is not just an opinion. Look at the three EU institutions. The European Commission is unelected And … Read more

Is Rendall & Rittner mismanaging Imperial Wharf (St George)

Residents at Imperial Wharf, SW6 London, owned by (St George) Berkeley Group UK, express dissatisfaction with property management firm Rendall & Rittner. Complaints highlight a perceived neglect of cleanliness and a lax approach to enforcing basic rules. The community alleges a lack of responsiveness to their concerns, raising questions about the efficacy of Rendall & … Read more

Is JB Leitch Solicitors harassing tenants

Is JB Leitch harassing tenants or leaseholders by sending overly aggressive and threatening letters filled with false statements? Solicitors in the UK should not be making allegations without legal merit i.e. solicitors bringing claims having made insufficient enquiries of…the following case suggests that J B Leitch Solicitor do that… J B Leitch made a false … Read more