Weight loss surgery destroy life

Weight loss surgery is gaining popularity nowadays despite being dangerous because of the misleading research and publicity by the obesity surgeons and associated drug industry.

For example some recent research are propogating benefits such as weight loss surgery can reverse the symptoms of fatty liver disease similarly other research says weight loss surgery not only benefits obese people to shed their body weight but it also causes early remission of type 2 diabetes.

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The reality is that not only weight loss surgery is unnecessary but also it deprives people a normal life. Something which can be easily corrected by eating healthy food because our body is made up of food we eat in our day to day life. This industry is glamorising it so more and more people can go under knife.

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In Bariatric surgery, a small pouch is made out of the stomach, so as to reduce the size of the stomach.  Surgeons use a simple logic that if the volume of the stomach is reduced, then people will eat less and lose weight.

By reducing the size of the stomach, surgery restrict the amount of food one can eat at a time and hence the patient feels  full after eating only around 30% of the food they have consumed earlier.

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That means after weight loss surgery people would never be able to enjoy their food for the rest of their life on any special occasions and hence being deprived of their normal life.

Not only that, after surgery, complication are endless such as Hernia, Internal Bleeding, Swelling of the skin around the wounds, etc.

Even after surgery, patients have to continuously work to keep their food intake low and maintain a strict exercise schedule.

The point is if patient has to exercise regularly and eat less than what is the point of surgery in the first place because that can be done free and safely without going under the knife.

Barbara Tomasik is yoga trainer based in London and writes on lifestyle related issues.