Tata Consultancy Services sued over hiring bias

TCS Tata Consultancy Services
TCS Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been sued by a American worker who accused TCS of overwhelming favouring workers of South Asian descent in the United States.

As per the complaint in San Francisco federal court, Steven Heldt said 95% of Tata’s 14,000-person US workforce descend from South Asia, primarily India, and that the company violated federal civil rights law by intentionally favoring them in hiring, promotion and termination decisions.

However Ben Trounson, a Tata spokesman said the Mumbai-based company “is confident that Mr Heldt’s allegations are baseless, and plans to vigorously defend itself.”  Ben added company bases employment decisions on “legitimate non-discriminatory business reasons,” without regard to race or national origin.

However the point is if Steven statement is correct that 95% US workforce of TCS is from South Asia than perhaps lot needed to be explained by Ben.

Steven Heldt said he experienced “substantial anti-American sentiment” in his 20 months at Tata, including from a human resources manager who allegedly called Americans “selfish and demanding” and said “I don’t like dealing with Americans.”

Despite substantial experience, Heldt said Tata saddled him with “menial” work as it shuffled him between several jobs, ending with the Californian’s firing in March 2014.

Heldt is seeking a halt to discrimination, and unspecified damages.

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In the mea time Tata Consultancy Services has also recorded a 30.7 per cent fall in net profit for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2015, because of a one-off bonus paid to employees and overall weakness in key sectors.

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