Supermodel Lisa Butcher on Health and Fitness


Lisa Butcher: TV Presenter and Supermodel 

Lisa was the former muse to the late, great royal photographer Norman Parkinson. Her first job saw her featured on the cover of Elle and she continued gracing magazine covers from Vogue to Tatler, Harpers Bazaar and Grazia as well as advertising campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancaster and Max Factor. 

She has presented

  • Living TV’s “Britain’s Next Top Model” and the long running
  • BBC show “What Not To Wear.”

Lisa is currently the face of high street brand Long Tall Sally. She unveiled her first capsule collection for them in 2008. She is also an ambassador for Fair Trade cotton.

Tell us about yourself as a person?

Being a Libra I like to have balance around me. I loathe conflicts and inequality.That’s why I am a firm believer in Fair Trade. I grew up in SE Asia, so I guess that’s helped form me as a person, consequently I am spiritual, I believe in the far eastern philosophies including karma and reincarnation.

How did you get started in modelling?

I started modelling in 1987 when my mother entered my photo into the Elle magazine face of 87, then I was re-launched by the late Norman Parkinson as the face of the 90’s.
Tell us about your charity projects you are involved into.

I’m the face of fair trade cotton and an ambassador for the Christina Nobel children’s charity.
Tell us about your capsule collection of style classic “LISA LOVES” and jewellary design work.

My collection for LTS is called “Lisa”. It’s basically a mixture of classic and trend led clothes that are missing from my wardrobe. They are items that I’ve seen and would love to wear but can’t because the fit is wrong. Being 6ft tall I find it hard getting clothes that are long enough.
How do you keep yourself in top shape?

I keep myself in shape by going to The Chelsea Club gym. I have to drag myself in there as I hate working out, but I do find the classes work for me as I have someone motivating me at all times. They are launching a new Spa in the Autumn, so that will be a great way to treat myself after a work-out. It’s important to give yourself small challenges and treats when you achieve them!
Please tell us about your normal diet (eg. generally  what do you eat  for breakfast, lunch, dinner).

My normal diet is a large fair trade Starbucks skinny late’ whilst doing the school run. Then cereal with yogurt and fruit and seeds. I have salad and protein for lunch. Then I’ll make the kids and I a big dinner of chicken or pork with steamed veg. If I fry food I always shallow fry with a bit of olive oil. A lot of the food I cook is from Asia, so we eat a lot of rice.
How do you motivate yourself to eat healthy in daily life & your advice for our Obesity Campaign UK readers.

I know that it’s really important to eat healthily – if you don’t your skin and body reflects the toxins that you are putting in it. You will also have serious repercussions when you are older. To look good on the outside you must take care of your inside.