Poll: 88 percent voted Britain should leave EU

(Breaking News) A poll on the Twitter conducted by Journalism News Network (@jnewsnetwork) for 24 hours  from 10th March to 11th March 2016 has revealed British people mood and discontent with the EU.

POLL 88 percent voted Britain should leave EU
POLL 88 percent voted Britain should leave EU

Total 313 people voted and out of that 88 percent believe Britain should leave EU.

Discontentment in the Britain is growing every day because of the manner Dr. Merkel had pushed her own agenda of inviting million of refugees against the wishes of masses without consulting anybody.

In a Poll conducted on Twitter by @Jnewsnetwork on 30th Jan 2016, 94 percent voted Merkel should resign over mismanaging refugee policy.

In the UK, EU Exit Cross Party campaign has also been launched because of the policy made by unelected bureaucrat which are often out of touch to what ordinary UK citizens wants.

Dr. Merkel has also tried to censor social media such as Facebook and other channels.

Recently a professor who protested in a most civilized manner is facing the sack just because he interrupted Dr. Merkel speech which in way suggest that Dr. Merkel is
curbing even basic fundamental right “Freedom of speech” in Germany.

Immigration is a big issue nowadays in the UK as it is overloading NHS and other public health services.

In addition, there is a concern among the masses because of the mass rape incidents in Germany after the arrival of the million refugees, the sexual attack cases have risen up sharply.

On 23rd of January 2016, in an another poll conducted on Twitter by Journalism News Network revealed that 98 percent people believe that EU is at risk because of Migrants crises.

In Germany on the NYE, more than 1000 sexual assault cases were recorded and out of the more than 600 cases were alone in Cologne and Police authorities failed to stop
those attack and German state media under Dr. Merkel govt control continue to maintain silence until the news was leaked.

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