London Press Club hosted Event on Artificial Intelligence

London Press Club hosted an event today on Artificial Intelligence & smart technology at Corinthia Whitehall in London.



Pioneering work on artificial intelligence was explored by chief technology officer Toby Simpson of global learning company Ososim and how it could affect our lives.

Toby talked about biologically inspired intelligence, digital genetics and other aspects of machine intelligence. According to Toby, humans, for now, remain the most intelligent part of any computing system because AI is still at the nascent stage and there is some limitation for the machine to understand the surrounding context for examples while looking at the pictures, however, developing fast and future certainly belongs to the AI.

Toby believed that machines in the future could even think on their own and can even be programmed to feel emotions.

London-press-club-venue Whitehalll-Corinthia-packed


The Whitehall at Corinthia was packed with the guest from all background such as finance to consulting to journalism. Most guest seems to feel happy with the presentation and Q/A, however, some felt that the presentation could have more concrete examples.

Toby previously worked with artificial intelligence company DeepMind, which was acquired by Google in 2014. The evening was introduced by Evening Standard technology correspondent Mark Blunden who also chaired a Q&A.

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