Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review

Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Yoga Movie Review

Movie Review Jacki Chan Kung Fu Yoga
Movie Review Jacki Chan Kung Fu Yoga

CAST – Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood, Disha Patani and others

Director – Stanley Tong

Genre – Adventure

Kung Fu Yoga begins with a set in 647 AD  in the Kingdom of Magadha, where a rogue general is battling the forces of its princess and then to the present time Chan plays the Tang dynasty envoy who is helping the princess.

The action lurches from China to Tibet to Dubai to Rajasthan. Chan ends up in a car chase, with a lion in the backseat.

Jackie Chan is playing a Chinese professor and archaeologist who, has invented a revolution colour restoration technique for the Terracotta Warriors. He has devoted his life to the mission of unearthing treasures of the past and restoring them to the cultures that they rightfully belong to.

He teams up with a Indian professor, Ashmita (Disha Patani), and her teaching assistant Kyra (Amyra Dastur). The film has been shot in China, Iceland, Dubai and India. Sonu Sood plays a descendant of Magadha empire general.

Thumbs UP:

The locations are diverse and impressive.
Chan’s Bollywood dance moves are the most charming part of the film.

Thumbs Down:

Story                                                                                                                                                                                           Most actors seem like merely reading off the script.


Most of the time the film seems abrupt and illogical in the context of the adventure tale that Kung Fu Yoga is meant to be, however, the film is no more illogical than Bollywood Salman Khan films but that’s what exactly commercial cinema is known for to take the mind of audience away from their day to day life into the world of fantasy.

Jackie Chan and Aarif Rahman, usually are in action mode, with the power of Chinese martial arts along with a passing reference to Yoga.

Our Rating 2.5 out of 5

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