Independent newspaper – print to digital with Editor Christian Broughton

London Press Club hosted an evening with the newspaper on how the title has developed since its move to digital-only publishing on Tuesday 20th September at Northcliffe House London.



The event was attended by around 100 + audience mostly journalist and the live Q&A answered by the editor Christian Broughton.

Christian shared his feeling and journey since the decision was taken to transform Independent newspaper from the print to digital and the challenges they faced.

On the question what differentiate Independent newspaper from the other newspaper, Christian said that “by not aligning with any party affiliation we generate trust in the mind of the reader and that is one thing which has helped Independent digital title to grow fast”.

On challenges, Christian shared that, “recruitment is one of the challenges while running a digital title”.


Christian also shared the Independent growth story. In Oct 2012 Independent attracted 17.9 million monthly unique visitors. Now that figure stands at almost 70 million, with a digital editorial team of more than 50.

Building Digital Audience Strategy

In July 2014 he launched the award-winning i100 as a quality, groundbreaking news site for millennials.

The event was moderated by Doug Wills managing editor Evening Standard. London Press Club provides opportunities for journalists and others interested in the media to meet and learn of new developments.


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