Donald Trump press brief disrupted by reporter over COVID 19 testing

President Donald Trump press brief disrupted by a reporter today over COVID 19 testing.

Donald Trump COVID 19 Testing
Donald Trump COVID 19 Testing

It is a known fact that the USA has done more testing for Coronavirus COVID 19 (around 9 million tests) than any other country.

The number of coronavirus tests done in the USA is more than double any other country has done in the world so far, however, in today’s press brief one Asian American reporter CBS News journalist Weijia Jiang asked Trump “why is it a global competition to you”? 

Reporters instead of asking progressive queries which could give citizens meaningful information, they seem more interested in arguments.

President Donald Trump also said the U.S. is on track for 10 million coronavirus tests by the end of this week, as the USA is conducting about 300,000 tests per day as of now.

By constantly disturbing the press briefing of president trump, reporters are only destroying their own credibility. Let me know what you think?