Calais: death of peaceful French culture and civilization

The unchecked and unrestricted flow of illegal migrants at Calais port waiting to enter the UK has destroyed the once peaceful French culture.

Calais death of French Culture
Calais death of French Culture

Initially, French citizens at Calais tried to help illegal migrants, however, to their disappointment they are finding themselves to be the target of crime by illegal migrants.

According to the residents, the security situation has become so bad in Calais that there are many areas where even the French police can’t enter and even worse that police don’t even register the complaint against illegals migrants whenever they commit any crime.

In the video above (deleted now under pressure from powerful left-wing European government) one of the residents cited the example of illegal migrants come to the town center in thousands and destroying cars, attacking children, stealing and even raping women but police are ignoring their crime and refused to register any complaints against illegal migrants.

Recently on 23rd Jan 2016, Port of Calais was closed down because of illegal migrants invaded the port and try to board the ship towards the UK.

Calais residents are so fed up with liberal French policy that they protested today in Paris over migrants’ impact and call on Hollande to take action.

There is growing fear among EU citizens because of the uncontrolled migrant crises in the Europe. According to the survey on Twitter by Journalism News Network almost 98 percent voted that migrants crises is out of control.

According to the survey on Twitter by Journalism News Network almost 98 percent believe that EU is at risk because of uncontrolled migrants crises.

In the UK, a cross-party political campaign “Grassroots Out” is already launched to exit EU because of the mismanagement in the EU leadership.