Bollywood vs Hollywood vs British Films -Documentary

Bollywood Vs Hollywood vs British Films -public and Bollywood stars such as Sonakshi Sinha, Karan Johar, Vivek Oberoi, Gulshan Grover’s, opinion and analysis, presented by Subodh Gupta on behalf of Journalism News Network.

Bollywood Vs Hollywood vs British Films
Bollywood Vs Hollywood vs British Films -Public Opinion


To understand what people really think about three film industries, we traveled to the three European cities namely Madrid, London & Brussels asking people what they think.

Bollywood Films:

We first started asking Europeans what they think about Bollywood. We got interesting answers such as Bollywood films are all about emotions, Romeo-Juliet kind of films. Some said that Bollywood films are all about joy, music, and dance and some even suggested that Bollywood films should incorporate meditation 🙂

Finally, the most insightful opinion explain the reason Bollywood films are so popular because they are about real life stories which people can associate with them or connect with them ie popular instead of about moon or space or mars.

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Another insightful view about Bollywood film includes the point that Bollywood film provides the complete entertainment and include emotional stories, to music, dance, and action. So all in one package i.e. becoming more successful in the Western world nowadays.

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Hollywood Films:

All audience believe that Hollywood movies are certainly technically more advanced that Bollywood or British films, however, they are more disconnect with the real daily life and they are action-oriented and more about sci-fi or about stars, space etc.

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British Films:

We got the mixed reviews from the public about the British films. Some said British films were more serious however more or less all viewers seems to like British sense of humour and of course James Bond the most famous British Film in addition to LOVE ACTUALLY.

Another point came up about British film was that they are more reserved in expressing emotions because of the British Culture.