BETTER (GLL) Lillie Road organised event to promote health & raise funds for Cancer Research UK

BETTER (GLL) Lillie Road manager Martin, Gemma and team members Becky Long, Ellie, Emma and others organized an event on the 12th of August 2018 to promote health & raise funds for the Cancer Research UK. Highlights of the events in the pictures below.


GLL’s is the UK’s prominent sport and leisure’s charitable social enterprise. It helps build active and sustainable communities through partnership working.

Gll work to a social agenda and is committed to providing accessible community facilities for all while providing value for money at the same time.

Speaking on this occasion duty manager Ellie said, “Their general manager Martin is a power weightlifter and participated in many competition and he is organizing this event by involving GLL staff and members of the community”.

She added, “people are coming from far away place such as Merton borough to attend this event and people from all sections of society are participating in this event”.

In the past duty manager Becky Long and her friends from GLL Hammersmith and Fulham have raised funds for the Cancer Research UK. Some of the picture highlights of the event.