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Air India Reviews
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 by Subodh Gupta
Air India Reviews - Unprofessional Unfair and Unethical

Air India and its agent such as TicketstoIndia are treating its customers and their complaints in an unprofessional, unfair and unethical way.

Air India
Air India

Summary: Review of Air India treating its customers and their complaints in an unprofessional, unfair and unethical way and playing with people life with unhygienic food where Lizard and Cockroaches were found in the meal served and safety norms.

BEWARE if you buy AIR India Ticket because if for any reason you miss your departure journey, not only Air India would refuse you the credit or refund but would also NOT ALLOW YOU TO USE YOUR RETURN JOURNEY even though you have paid for it.

The report below explains how Air India support team is treating its passengers/customers in a careless manner and Air India and their UK travel agent Tickets to India”  hiding key information or not explaining clearly while selling Air Tickets to passengers.

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This is what happened when the Ticket Holder No: 098 5117349963 – H8T2F booked his return ticket from London to Delhi on the 31st Dec 2017 for departure after one week 7th Jan 2018 and return on 25th Jan 2018, however, after receiving the news of sudden ill health of his mother on the 3rd Jan, he decided his visit on the 3rd Jan itself i.e. 4 days before actual departure date. The passenger couldn’t get through Air India contact number and hence ended up buying a different airline ticket in an emergency to Delhi as last flight was supposed to be left within next 4 hours on the 3rd Jan.

The passenger after reaching India informed and confirmed both on social media and also via email to Air India customer support in advance on the 5th Jan that he can’t use his scheduled 7th Jan London to Delhi flight since he has already flown on the 3rd Jan and he will use his return ticket on 25th Jan 2018 as scheduled.

However, Air India customer support instead of providing credit for the unused journey, delayed in replying queries and on 7th Jan asked to contact other department and on the 9th Jan manager shri Radhakrishnan informed the ridiculous policy below:

” as per the ticketing norms, if a ticket is not canceled 12 hours before the scheduled time of departure, it will be treated as No Show and cancellation fee GBP 150 and Reissuance Fee of GBP 200…”

The point is Air India customer support was informed and confirmed more than 50 hours in advance via several emails since 5th Jan that he will not be able to use his Ticket dt 7th Jan 21.30 hrs London time so shall the customer be penalized for a mistake and delay by Air India.

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Despite matter was informed to  Air India CMD Pradeep Singh Kharola and AI support team neither Air India customer support cancel the ticket or nor they informed the customer about this policy before and also both Air India and their ticket agent “Tickets to India” never revealed this fact clearly at the point of selling ticket .

Shouldn’t Air India and their travel agent Tickets to India inform the passenger/customer about this hidden fees and illogical penalty at the point of selling the ticket???

When customer informed the AI customer support more than 50 hours in advance that he can’t use the ticket why they didn’t inform this condition ???

Why should a customer pay penalty for AI sales and customer support not provide critical information?

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To add salt to the injury, AI also cancels the return ticket which is already being paid, stating :

“Return travel cannot be undertaken as per the norms as out of sequence travel is not permitted by the airlines and thus only the ticket is meant only for refund of taxes because of no show”

Since the customer has already informed and confirmed in advance, so how come it is no show???

Also since the customer has not canceled his return ticket (already paid) so how come AI won’t allow a customer to fly on his return ticket???
Journalism News Network finds this Air India policy and practices very unfair and unethical.

Above situation is not an isolated case because Air India tops the list of passenger complaints. As per the news published in the Times of India Air India tops in the list of consumer complaint.

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In addition, Air India social media handle on twitter also don’t seem to bother about customer woes if we look at the following tweets.

Air India seems to have unhygienic food standard. There have been cases where Lizard and Cockroaches are found in the food.

Cockroach In Meal Served On Air India Flight


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Review submitted by Subodh Gupta.