World laughter day celebrated in London

World Laughter Day Celebration London 2016
World Laughter Day Celebration London 2016

World laughter day was celebrated in London at Leister square on 1st May 2016 by Laughter Yoga and Wellness group.

Speaking on this occasion, Odette – the founder of Laughter Yoga Wellness London club said, “today is world’s laughter day & we are spreading peace, harmony, happiness and celebration. Laughter is infectious and to make is successful participants also need to be willing to laugh”.

She added, ” the world need more laughter because it helps us feel better and we are on a mission to laugh London better”.

Participants seem to have enjoyed the session. After the session at leister square, the Laughter Yoga Wellness group moved on the different venue across London to spread the happiness.


Laughter Yoga Practice:

Laughter yoga practice involved voluntary laughter along with breathing techniques from Yoga. Participants usually laugh for between 10-15 minutes in one hour usual session.


Benefits of laughter yoga said to be many ranging from helping various health ailments, both physical and mental boosting overall wellness, creativity and team building.

Fiona Harris from Corinthia Hotel in association with London Press Club hosted Mental Resilience Event