Woman raped in Indian IT giant Infosys Pune city campus

The rape crimes are increasing in India and unfortunately, rape has become the fastest growing crime in India.  Just one day before on Monday a minor girl was gang raped by Indian Army personals inside a Howrah-Amritsar Express train.


Now in a major shocking incident, a woman was raped by a Infosys (Indian IT giant) staff member in Pune city India and that too in the campus.

The woman was raped by two Pune city Infosys campus employees (housekeeping staff member) in Infosys phase 1 campus. The police have arrested two people in connection with the rape in Infosys campus.

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According to the police, the woman cashier working at a canteen in Pune Infosys was raped by two persons inside the canteen. The victim works as a cashier at the Infosys campus.

The accused had also threatened the woman not to tell others about the incident else they would make the rape clips public.

Indian IT giant Infosys said in a statement that the company is working closely with the police to aid their investigation. “We have stringent security measures and have a zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment extending to contractual staff too. The company will take necessary action as per policy,” Infosys statement said.

Infosys helps clients in more than 50 countries with 187,000+ employees.

Updated on 14th Feb 2016

In another shocking incident, a cop’s wife is raped in a private hospital of Haryana while in another incident, an honorable legislator from the Bihar state is on the run after raping a minor girl.