Online advertising spending now more than newspapers

Online advertising spending more than newspapers

Google adwords
Google adwords

It’s official now, the power of online media is  continuously increasing with the declining power of print newspaper at the same time.

It is very much evident as according to a report in the year 2010 online ad spending will exceed print ad spend for the first time.

“According to market research firm eMarketer, 2010 online advertising revenues will reach $25.8 billion, 13.9% over 2009′s ad spending while advertisers will spend $22.8 billion on print newspaper ads for the year, falling 8.2%,”.

Out of many, one of the major reason money is transferring from print to online media is the ability to track ROI such as in case of Google adwords, which makes it much more attractive. Tracking the return on investment has always been difficult.

In addition to above, other reasons include people changing habits and increasing time spent on internet.