Indian IT services market least profitable

Infosys revenue
Infosys revenue

Since last 10 years a lot has been written in the press around the world about the shining India, however, reality is that even now in 2014 Indian IT service market offer very limited opportunity for the western companies.

If revenue figures of the top Indian IT companies are to be trusted then the reality is most of the revenue earned by Indian IT companies is not from  within India instead earned mostly from the USA and Europe.

Considering the revenue figure of India’ most trusted IT company INFOSYS, it earns only around 2.1% of all its revenue from within India and 85.3% of its revenue from US and Europe.

North America contributed 62.2% of revenues and Europe accounted for 23.1% of the same. The company derived around 2.1% of its revenue from India and remaining around 12.6% of total revenue was earned from the rest of the world.

Similarly WIPRO India’s number two, IT company earns around 84% of its revenue from the USA and Europe market and 14 % from the rest of the world with a very small share of its revenue from within India.

Now the question is, if the top Indian IT companies are making only 2 to 3 % of their revenue from within Indian market, & salaries for Indian IT professionals is growing at an average annual growth of 15%, is India IT market is really financial profitable for western companies?

Indian IT services market least attractive