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Press release distribution plan – £99 for a 400 words press release.

Profile of Journalists connected

Profile of Journalists connected


  • At Journalism News Network Site & Social Media Channel, such as;
  • 11000 plus Facebook followers,
  • Linkedin Journalist Network,
  • Twitter Followers
  • Relevant Journalists forums connected with our network
  • Every press/news release is optimized  as per search engine guidelines to gain maximum coverage
  • Weekly email newsletter to 400+ journalists 


Benefits of Press / News release distribution

  • Over 60% of journalists prefer to find their story ideas online.
  • Press releases are branding and credibility tools and a great way to get the word out about your company, product, or service.
  • The engaging news release also generates social sharing and organic traffic back to your website and create journalistic interest.

In addition to pushing your story to journalists, your news release also attracts them when they’re doing their research online.


How it works:

You write a story about your business.
Send that to us and we do the rest such as embedding your YouTube videos if any, grammar check, optimize your news with keywords, etc.


Please Note: First, our editors check your news release for you. Then, we distribute your news content to the search engines and journalists who may be looking for your stories.

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