FotoForensics to help journalists verify images

Verifying information and images is becoming essential for journalists nowadays as there is a lot of noise of fake news.



There are many ways to verify images sourced online including geolocating the photo, confirming if the person who shared it online is the creator of the image, etc.

FotoForensics is a simple tool which can help journalists by providing analysis of the digital image if the image has been altered or not.

The site is free to use at the moment. One you can upload their file from their device or using an URL, and one can receive a report that includes information such as metadata and error level analysis.

Fotoforensics Analysis

Fotoforensics Analysis

However, the free version of FotoForensics, which one can easily access, each image you upload is stored by FotoForensics and can be used for research purposes.

Registering an account for the Lab version gives you more privacy options.

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