Aisha Cahn to Exhibit her Art at the Saatchi Gallery


Aisha Cahn Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery

Aisha Cahn Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery

Aisha Cahn to Exhibit her Art at the Saatchi Gallery. The private viewing will take place on the 14th March 2017 at 18.30 hrs.

Later the talk by Aisha Cahn and Prof. Hans Stauss at 7.15 PM.

About the Artist and Exhibition:
Aisha Cahn is a contemporary British artist whose current series of work titled “Embrace” is inspired by the science of cells and the narrative of her mother’s experience with cancer.

Aisha’s research included spending time at the UCL laboratories at the Royal Free Hospital, at Cancer Research UK and at Imperial College, all of whom are making strides in finding a cure for cancer through drug development and immunotherapy. This exhibition depicts her personal journey of discovery, a shifting scenery of achievable outcomes, and the evolution of a positive and holistic approach.

Aisha is primarily a painter, but for this exhibition, she has combined various media including prints, drawings, and two installations. From the initial source of inspiration to the final layer of paint on the canvas, Aisha has continued to explore the theme of art and science, a common thread throughout her work.

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