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About: Journalism News Network (JNN)

Journalism News Network was launched in April 2013 to provide an alternate perspective to the mainstream media and to help fellow journalist by developing journalist network.

Each submission is reviewed by an editor and open to the scrutiny of the people who bring in a rare diversity of views on a single issue.

Journalism News Network has been the must-read site for journalists & other professionals since its launch.

Profile of Journalists connected

Profile of Journalists connected

Today it reaches to more than 11,000+ readers on Facebook, with more than 6 Million views & 9000+ subscribers on our Film Fashion and Art YouTube channel, in addition to readers on our website, LinkedIn and Twitter with more than 400 UK based journalist in our network.

It continues to provide an independent voice for citizens and journalists and endeavors to be the must-read title for anyone seriously interested in journalism.

We remain committed to our mission of offering a bold perspective through our news analysis and we will do so with a firm focus.

We aspire to become the voice of the working and middle class by becoming their platform of choice for expressing their hopes and aspirations.

We will continuously innovate to connect with you through digital formats to emerge as UK & India’s top Digital Platform for bold views & commentary.


Journalism News Network Team:

Mahesh Chandra Agarwal

Mahesh Chandra

Mr. Agarwal is early stage investor in Journalism News Network and a strategic advisor.

He is also the founder of Aranya Signature Infrastructure project in India.



Subodh Gupta Editor

Subodh Gupta Editor

Subodh Gupta: Editor of the Journalism News Network. In the past, he has worked as the Editor of the business journal “The Analyst”.

In addition, Subodh has also worked for four years with India’s largest newspaper “The Times of India”.

He can be contacted at subodh@journalism.net.in



Barbara Tomasik

Barbara Tomasik

Barbara Tomasik is a staff journalist, copy editor, and reporter for Journalism News Network. Barbara has seven years of experience as a writer. She also conducts sessions on yoga, which is her hobby.

She can be contacted at barbara@journalism.net.in



preeti nagrani


Preeti: Preeti has over twelve years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She specializes in providing dietary and nutritional advice to help maintain and improve health.  Her approach is both holistic as well as realistic. She writes for Journalism News Network.

She can be contacted at preeti@journalism.net.in


Ania Szymanska: Ania looks after admin works of Journalism News Network.

Ania can be contacted at ania@journalism.net.in


Monika Wrobel

Monika Wrobel

Monika Wrobel:  Monika studied health sciences in addition to marketing and social media which she is passionate about and a staff writer for Journalism News Network.

Monika can be contacted at monika@journalism.net.in



Mehr Nagrani: Mehr is studying business management and aspires to be a novelist. She writes for Journalist News Network and also a copy editor. She also has a fan base of more than 1000 people who loves to read her blog on poetry.

Mehr can be contacted at mehr@journalism.net.in


Ashis Choudhury

Ashis Choudhury

Ashis Choudhury,
MA(Econ), MSc(Eng), DIC, DipTP, MRTPI, AITP, CMIHT, CMILT is an urban planner, traffic engineer and transport policy analyst.

He has worked with several local authorities and consultancy organizations in Britain as well as international development organizations (World Bank and United Nations) and as advisers to foreign governments.



Aneta Skrzypek


Aneta has studied nursing and is our new correspondent in Brussels. In her free time Aneta like social dancing, traveling, and yoga.




Alexandra Meurisse


Alexandra is studying applied languages and interested in media and film industry. She speaks fluently several languages such as French, Polish and Dutch. In her free time, she likes painting and dancing. She has also joined us as news correspondent from Belgium.


Manish Jain

Manish Jain

Manish Jain

Shri Manish Jain has worked as an entrepreneur and director for SP Securities for more than 20 years in New Delhi area and he also provides consultancy services to start ups in India through his wide network of capital sources.



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